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2415 Wolfert Tweetalig N-Macedonië

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SIEC, a Macedonian organization that promotes social entrepreneurship, would like to collaborate.

  • They like to come to YEEP to give a workshop about the activities they already do.

  • They would like to know from you what activities there are already in the field of recycling, and whether these are ideas that they can also use.

  • In addition, it would be great to organize a workshop on recycling that we could use in primary schools in Macedonia. It would be nice to use the plastic waste that is everywhere.

If you have any ideas, please leave a message below.

SIEC Office information, SEE region
Aglaia Nait

thanks for the nice introduction provided by dear Anee :) SIEC team is indeed open for cooperation on upcycling and recycling workshops and we would like to have a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience in this direction. Apart from the workshops that we will organize as partners with you and with the SOS Children's Village, , we would like to establish a long-term cooperation with projects focusing on inspiring other schools here in the region to be proactive and more systemically follow the Dutch school models of solidarity, anti-discrimination, ethical consumerism and environment protection, thereby erasing the boundaries of gender, ethnicity, religion etc. WELCOME to Macedonia :)



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