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Making a documentary gives you the opportunity to tell your own story in both images and words. It provides an outlet and challenges to think critically about certain topics in the immediate environment.

The following materials are available. They still have to be brought from the Netherlands.

• 6 Cameras in camera bag

Aglaia Nait


Every year we organize activities for the children in SOS children's village Skopje. This year there are students who enjoy theater.

We challenge you to create a theater performance, involving the children both in the preparation and in the final theater show.

This includes making costumes, sets and as an actor.

Aglaia Nait


In each city, city tours are held along all the historical places in the city. This is also the case in Skopje. But are these also the places that young people find interesting?

We would love it if you (Neth and Mac) would go on a city tour together that you find interesting. To also use this tour for groups of young people in the future, we ask you to create it in Google Maps. With photos and a description of why it is such an interesting place.

Who dares to take up the challenge? Leave a message

Aglaia Nait


SIEC, a Macedonian organization that promotes social entrepreneurship, would like to collaborate.

  • They like to come to YEEP to give a workshop about the activities they already do.

  • They would like to know from you what activities there are already in the field of recycling, and whether these are ideas that they can also use.

  • In addition, it would be great to organize a workshop on recycling that we could use in primary schools in Macedonia. It would be nice to use the plastic waste that is everywhere.

SIEC Office information, SEE region
Aglaia Nait


    Wolfert's bilingual students from Rotterdam are going on a t...
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