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2431 Curio Sport & Bewegen

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Antwoorden op de vragen van de werkgroepen;

Popular sports types include football, table tennis, chess, and wrestling. These are sports in which our school have produced spoprtsman, for both girls and boys, with no difference in their opportunities for success.

We have had successful female football players, and currently, we have girls who are champions in various sports disciplines.

Guests can meet with the team of volunteers at the gymnasium, which welcomes both boys and girls.

the GEO students will be very happy to work together, as well as they plan to make some cultural evening, and GEO dancing master class etc.

For the work we will need a lot of materials to fill holes and make walls neat. We also suffer a lot from graffiti. And the back entrance needs to be renovated. Inside, some floors are bad. More photos to follow.


    De Curio sport en bewegen studenten reizen in maart 2024 naa...
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