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Our method

We strongly believe that collaboration creates a mutual learning experience, resulting in valuable insights and results.

What we need

  1. Imagery and Description:  Photos/videos and a detailed description of the situation at your location. This allows our students to generate funds and prepare for their work.

  2. Reception and Orientation: A warm welcome at your location, preferably with a tour or description of the area.

  3. Storage space: If possible, we ask for a space in which all materials and tools can be safely stored. We assure you that we will carefully protect the floor of this room from possible damage.

  4. Interaction with the Target Group: The opportunity for our students to come into contact with the target group at your location. This can be used for workshops, sports activities, games, or other activities that we will discuss together in the preliminary phase.

  5. Approval from the Ministry of Education: If necessary, we will request the necessary approval from the Ministry of Education.

  6. Facilitating Lunch: Depending on the duration of the project (3 or 4 days), we would appreciate it if you could provide a simple lunch. We would love to taste and get to know local dishes.

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