On this page you can find all about the history of former Yugoslavia, where the Out of Area projects are implemented. Additionally you can find all kind of information that can be needed in the preparation or implementation of a project.


Documentary 'Ten Minutes'

"10 Minutes is a short film by Ahmed Imamovic. It takes place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Rome, Italy. The film began with an Asian tourist in Rome to whom 10 minutes was a short amount of time. Simultaneously, in Sarajevo, a mother tells her son to get some water and bread.

The death of Yugoslavia

One of the most impressive documentary ever made. You live the facts that happened with the disgregation of Yugoslavia as if you were there. The war in Bosnia and the siege of Sarajevo are presented in a way that perhaps only BBC can do. A masterpiece. And a must, if you want to understand how things were and are in the Balcans

Miss Sarajevo

Miss Sarajevo is a an eponymous documentary ( 3 parts) by Bill Carter. The single Miss Sarajevo is played by U2 and Brian Eno with their guest Luciano Paverotti.

The war in Mostar (BBC)

BBC documentary on the Bosnian war in Mostar during 1992 to 1995. The city was attacked (shelled) for over 3 years by Croatian HVO forces and this documentary shows the plight of the Bosnians who took it upon themselves to defend the city and their people.

A cry from the grave

Srebrenica, Bosnia, the world's first United Nations Safe Area, was the site of the worst case of genocide in Europe since World War II.
It follows hour by hour the story of the killings. Through the testimony of survivors and relatives of those who died it explores the pain felt when no one is brought to justice.



Op 14 december 1995 stopt de strijd in Bosnië. Hierna treedt de ‘Implementation Force’ (IFOR) in werking. Het is de taak van IFOR toe te zien op een ongestoorde uitvoering van de vredesvoorwaarden. Precies een jaar later wordt IFOR opgeheven en treedt SFOR (Stabilisation Force) aan. Nederland stuurt tot 2004 in totaal 27.500 militairen.De Nederlandse inzet stopt in 2011.




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